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First, the basic situation of Guoxin Xinyang

Development course

Established in April 1998, Guoxin Xinyangshi is one of the first ministerial civilized law firms of the Ministry of Justice. Guangdong Xinyang Law Firm was established in July 2001. On August 16, 2012, Guoxin United Law Firm merged with Guangdong Xinyang Law Firm and officially changed its name to Guoxin Xinyang Law Firm. At present, Guoxin Xinyang has branches in Shenzhen, Heyuan, Shantou, Dongguan, Jiangmen and Nansha, and is one of the large comprehensive law firms with greater influence in South China and even the whole country. In July 2014, Guoxin Xinyang was recognized as a "Guangzhou Headquarters Enterprise" by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, becoming the first law firm in Guangdong to obtain this certification.

Service concept

With the purpose of "inheriting the national law and reaching the world", Guoxin Xinyang has formed the service concept of "high quality, high efficiency, satisfaction and trust".

Industry honor

Guoxin Xinyang enjoys a high reputation in the industry. It was awarded the honorary title of "Ministerial Civilized Law Firm" by the Ministry of Justice in 2000, "Top Ten Brand Law Firm in China" by Forbes in 2005, "Excellent Law Firm in the Province" in 2011, and "Guangzhou Headquarters Enterprise" in 2015.

Elite team

Guoxin Xinyang Head Office and branch offices have a total of more than 600 practicing lawyers and staff, including 367 practicing lawyers and nearly 50 partner lawyers. All Guoxin Xinyang lawyers have received good legal professional education and lawyer business training, and the overall age, knowledge structure and practice experience are reasonable. More than half of the lawyers have master's degree or above, some lawyers have overseas practice experience, have a broad vision and case handling ideas, and can meet the needs of clients at all levels.

Customer group

Guoxin Xinyang has a wide range of clients, including the world's top 500 multinational companies, including good performance of small and medium-sized enterprises, the scope of clients covers traditional and emerging industries, Guoxin Xinyang also provides perennial legal counsel services for government agencies, chambers of commerce and other organizations.

Social public resources

Guoxin Xinyang attaches great importance to establishing and maintaining good cooperative relations with government departments, judicial organs, professional associations and local lawyers associations, and employs experts and scholars from government departments, universities and research institutes as consultants of Guoxin Xinyang. Guoxin Xinyang carefully cultivates these public resources, only to share with customers who trust Guoxin Xinyang. To this end, we regularly provide customers, relevant industry associations, and partners with the latest information and developments of China's civil and commercial laws, regulations, rules, and policies, and regularly publish the internal publication "Guoxin Review".

Office space and equipment

Guoxin Xinyang is located in Guangzhou Tianhe Road 101 Industrial Bank Building 13th floor, 3rd floor, with nearly 3000 square meters of modern office space, has built a leading domestic case information management system including internal management system, with modern network and communication technology to achieve the effective integration of the whole firm resources and scientific management.

Second, Guoxin Xinyang business overview

Business scope

The business scope of Guosen Xinyang covers both litigation and non-litigation fields, including initial public offering and listing, investment and mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international private equity investment and financing and public offering of shares, issuance and listing of convertible corporate bonds, corporate and corporate restructuring, restructuring, construction projects and bidding. Real estate, traditional civil and commercial cases, foreign business, criminal defense, administrative litigation, disposal of non-performing assets, intellectual property rights, anti-unfair competition, government and corporate legal counsel.

Quality customer

Guoxin Xinyang has provided perennial or special legal counsel services for party and government organs at all levels and more than 1,000 companies in Guangdong Province, and its clients mainly include:


Guoxin Xinyang has successively been Yuemei, Guangdong High Speed, Guangdong Meiya, Guangdong Ganhua, Nanhai Development, Yanjing Beer, Wuliangye, Double Ring Technology, TBEA, Xining Special Steel, Suihengyun, Fenghua High-tech, Shaosteel Songshan, Guangdong Electric Power, Guangdong Rongtai, Baolong Automobile, Yuyin Technology, Guotong Shares, Chaohongji, Provincial Guang Shares, Wanhe Electric, Hanwei Electronics, Great Wall Group, Pearl River Piano, Guangdong Guanghong, Tomson Bihealth, Wanfu Biology, Jinfa Rabi and other hundreds of enterprises to issue A shares, B shares, rights, share reform, additional issuance and issuance of convertible bonds, corporate bonds to provide special legal services; For Kelon Electric, Wanjiale, YueHongyuan, Public technology, Qinghai Huading, Fosu Shares, Guangdong shares, Dalian Friendship and other listed companies to provide special legal services for a number of restructuring, acquisition business.

Financial institution

Guoxin Xinyang has provided special legal services for the issuance and regulation of many funds and fund management companies such as Pearl River Fund, Guangfa Fund, Guangsecurities Fund, Guangxin Fund, Southern Fund, Huaxin Fund, etc. For China Cinda, Oriental, Great Wall, Huarong, Yuexai and other asset management companies, Guangdong Guangsheng, Guangye and other state-owned asset management companies, People's Bank of China Guangzhou branch, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications and a number of foreign banks, venture capital funds to provide financial loan risk control, financial non-performing assets disposal, investment project planning, due diligence Investigation, offer invitation, auction, special litigation, enterprise mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization, overseas listing and Shantou commercial bank closure and rectification projects to provide special legal services.

Private investment

Guosen Xinyang has successively been Beijing Furen Investment Management Co., LTD., Shenzhen Binhai Fund Management Co., LTD., Shenzhen Qianhai Tongfu Financial Holding Co., LTD., Guangzhou Anzhou Investment Management Co., LTD., Guangzhou Guizhamo Asset Management Co., LTD., Chongqing Jupeng Equity Investment Fund Management Co., LTD., Guangdong Yunrui Asset Management Co., LTD., Zhuhai Hengqin Borui Asset Management Co., LTD , Guangzhou Hengyuyuan Fund Management Center (Limited Partnership), Zhuhai Hengqin Zhongke Zero One Investment Management Co., LTD., Shenzhen Zhongpeng Faraway Investment Co., LTD., Guangdong Guangsheng Financial Holding Investment Co., LTD., Shenzhen Guangsheng Investment Development Co., LTD., Guangzhou Yincheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other private equity fund companies provide special legal services and perennial consultants for establishment registration, investment and financing Service.

Party and government agencies

Guangdong Provincial Government, Guangdong Provincial Shantou Municipal Government, Guangzhou Nansha District Government, Guangdong Provincial Foshan Shunde District Government, Foshan Gaoxing District Government, Shunde District Ronggui Town Government, Shunde District Beijiao Town Government, Shunde District Leliu Town Government, Guangdong Province Fengkai County People's Government, Guangdong Province Zhongkai High-tech Zone Tongqiao Town People's Government, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government.

Third, Guoxin Xinyang organizational structure

General office and branch office

Guoxin Xinyang has established an inter-provincial legal service network integrating information network, service network and management network in Guangdong Province. At present, there are branch offices in Nansha, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Heyuan, Shantou, Jiangmen and other places, and the head office and branch offices cooperate with each other in Guangdong Province to realize the optimal allocation of resources. In addition, Guoxin Xinyang plans to set up branch offices in Zhongshan, Zhuhai and other places, strengthen the provincial resource allocation capacity, broaden the provincial legal service network, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of cross-provincial development. In addition, Guoxin Xinyang has also set up joint operations with Hong Kong law firms, which is one of the few law firms in the country with mainland and Hong Kong joint operations.

Management structure and internal operation mode

Guoxin Xinyang broke the operation mode of single partner as the core, and completed the legal services to their clients individually or with other partners, which is generally adopted in China's legal industry at present, and adopted the corporate operation mode of unified arrangement by the management committee and unified management of the whole business.

The Management committee, in line with the principle of professionalism and efficiency, makes overall arrangements to mobilize the human resources of various departments, and strives to provide clients with a full range of legal services in the shortest possible time.

For specific projects, the management Committee will not only appoint a senior partner as the project leader, but also arrange the corresponding professional partners and lawyers who meet the project requirements.

On the one hand, Guoxin Xinyang analyzes and discusses the new laws, regulations and policies promulgated continuously in China, and regularly publishes the results of theoretical research as the internal journal Guoxin Review as our theoretical support for timely customer service; On the other hand, we also discuss and demonstrate the difficult problems encountered in the operation of legal affairs to ensure that the legal services we provide to our clients have a solid theoretical basis.

Four, the outstanding advantages of Guoxin Xinyang

Guosen United is one of the first law firms to obtain the qualification to engage in securities business approved by the Chinese Ministry of Justice and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Over the years, Guosen has represented issuers and underwriters in various initial public offerings and secondary offerings of domestic and foreign stocks in the joint-stock reform and A-share issuance of over 100 companies limited by shares. Guoxin Xinyang has a team of professional lawyers who are well-trained and have rich experience in relevant corporate services, and can meet the needs of clients in all aspects and provide high-quality and efficient legal services.

Guoxin Xinyang has a deep understanding and grasp of relevant laws and regulations applicable to the fields of corporate governance, capital operation, private equity, project investment and financing, as well as relevant national and local industrial policies in Guangdong Province. With rich service experience and a deep understanding of industrial policies, he has helped corporate clients deal with a large number of complicated legal service projects. And achieved good service effect. Years of service experience has enabled Guosen to form a professional legal service system in related fields.

Guoxin Xinyang has set up a number of branches in Guangdong Province, and has set up an associate law firm with Hong Kong law firms, and the service area covers the mainland and Hong Kong region.

Guoxin Xinyang is one of the few law firms in Guangdong Province that can provide comprehensive and professional legal services for group enterprises. In order to ensure the quality and grade of service, Guoxin Xinyang has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Law School of Sun Yat-sen University, and through business cooperation has provided strong theoretical support for Guoxin Xinyang in the fields of civil law, civil procedure law, commercial arbitration, administrative law, administrative reconsideration and so on.

Several partners and some practicing lawyers of Guosen Xinyang have worked in state-owned enterprises and are familiar with the internal management, work processes and methods of state-owned enterprises. They have many years of business experience in enterprise legal services, and can provide professional, detailed and systematic legal services for enterprise clients.

Five, the social honor of Guoxin Xinyang

In recent years, Guoxin Xinyang has won many honors, among which typical honors include the following:

  1. In 1998, obtained the practice license issued by the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province;

  2. In 1998, obtained the qualification certificate for defining legal affairs of collective science and technology enterprises;

  3. In 1998, it was allowed to engage in legal affairs of tendering and bidding for large and medium-sized national capital construction projects;

  4. In 1999, it became one of the first law firms allowed to engage in securities legal affairs.

  5. In 1999, it became one of the 59 law firms in China that can engage in business related to overseas companies involving domestic interests;

  6. In 2000, it was awarded the honorary title of "Ministerial Civilized Law Firm" by the Ministry of Justice;

  7. In 2004-2005, it was awarded the "Standard Management Award" by the Municipal Bar Association for two consecutive years because of its management standards and outstanding achievements;

  8. In 2006, it was named "Top Ten Brand Law Firms in China" by Wall Street Telecom website;

  9. In 2006, he became an enterprise bankruptcy administrator recognized by Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

  10. In 2007, it was listed in the list of legal service providers by China Construction Bank Guangdong Branch, Bank of China Guangdong Branch and Mizuho Bank of Japan.

  11. In 2007, it was rated as "Standardized Management Law Firm" by Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice;

  12. In 2009, it became a member of China Interbank Market Dealers Association.

  13. In 2011, it was rated as "Provincial Excellent Law Firm" by Guangdong Industry Association;

  14. In 2011, the law firm's Guoxin Review was awarded the "Silver Award of Law Firm Publication Evaluation" by the Provincial Bar Association;

  15. From 2012 to 2013, it was awarded the "Management Excellence Award" by the Municipal Lawyers Association for two consecutive years.

  16. From 2012 to 2015, he was awarded the "Charity Award" by Guangzhou Lawyers Association for four consecutive years;

  17. In 2013, he was awarded the "Social Stability Maintenance Award" by Guangzhou Lawyers Association;

  18. In 2013, the firm's "Guoxin Review" publication was awarded the "First Prize of Law Firm Publication Evaluation" by the Municipal Bar Association;

  19. In 2013, it became a member of Guangzhou Equity Trading Center.

  20. In 2014, the provincial Lawyers Association awarded the "Law Firm VI project evaluation Comprehensive design First prize";

  21. In 2014, it was assessed as "Guangzhou Headquarters Enterprise" by Guangzhou Municipal Government.

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