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We provide Chinese legal services in the areas of foreign investment, registration of businesses, trade marks, patents, copyright, risk management of corporate legal risks and dispute resolution. In addition, we specialize in company registrations, trademark issues in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.


The lawyer team focuses on providing targeted legal services to foreign-invested enterprises, starting from the current situation of customers, accurately grasping the actual needs of customers, keeping abreast of legal frontiers at home and abroad, and designing the most suitable legal service scheme for foreign-invested enterprises.


Company's perennial legal adviser


We not only provide legal advice to the company regarding a specific issue related to foreign investment in Guangzhou, but also provide its perennial legal advisory services. Corporate legal risks can be prevented by hiring a legal adviser. We provide perennial legal advice on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:


Company management legal affairs:

• Assist the company in formulating and establishing its long-term development goals, providing cutting-edge dynamic information regarding business development, and providing it with legal support.

• In response to the company's invitation, assist in improving and improving the corporate governance structure, business operations, and management system of the company.

• Participate in important meetings of the company's management and management at the company's invitation, provide legal arguments, present legal opinions or suggestions, and offer legal opinions or proposals regarding major decisions regarding the company's management and operation.

• Providing daily labor and personnel management services for the company

• Assist the company with its daily legal issues by providing solutions, advice, and guidance

Company-related legal matters:

• Assisting with the company's daily operations, management, and external contacts by drafting contracts and agreements

• In the course of the company's daily operation, management, and external contacts, contracts, agreements, and other legal documents are revised and examined

• Involved in the operation of other companies' legal affairs

• Analyze and assess risks for the company, and provide legal advice and suggestions for avoiding risk and strengthening management, with full knowledge of the management and external interest of the company

• The company has entrusted me with drafting a letter of attorney for the client concerned and helping resolve civil, economic, administrative, or other major disputes before they arise

Our perennial legal advisory service includes the following features:

• Personalization   
Based on the nature, scale, and business characteristics of the company, our lawyers will provide personalized, differentiated, and targeted legal services.

• Specialization